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Down Under

J.M. Anderson

About the Book

3D Cover - Adjustments down under.png

When Jay Wilson, a new graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic, flew into Melbourne in February 1974, things were not as he expected. From ham sandwiches to hoop snakes, South Australian pigs and foul-mouthed cockatoos, it was non-stop adventure.


When severe illness forces him to return to America, he finds himself pining for the country that has stolen his heart.


Based on a true story, Adjustments Down Under is about a gentle, talented man finding his destiny in this Great Southern Land. Hilariously funny and deeply moving, this is a story about joy and sadness, brokenness and ultimate human victory, and about finding true love.

(Australia Only)


Nick Stevens, television and radio writer

"There's a lot to like and admire in this work.  It truly has a broad sweep and plenty of colourful characters, big themes, and slices of genuine historical interest.  Descriptive passages are always compelling ... the dialogue snaps along ... excellent character portrayals ... touching, unique, delightful.  I was impressed."  
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